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12 November 2006

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Born on May 13, 1957 in Creusot

Married, 1 child



Doctor, rheumatologist, specialist in aeronautical medicine,    

Docteure ès-sciences, option Neurosciences,       

Member of the Academy of Technologies.



Within the private clinic of rheumatology of the service of readjustment from the Cochin hospital in Paris, Claudie Haigneré carries on during eight years a medical activity. During six years, at the laboratory of neurosensory physiology of CNRS in Paris, it prepares scientific experiments in the field of human physiology and carries out research on the adaptation of the sensorimotor systems in microgravity.

From 1990 to 1992, person in charge for the programmes of physiology and space medicine to Division life sciences of the CNES in Paris, Claudie Haigneré takes part in the orientations of space research in this field in close cooperation with the French and international laboratories. It ensures, of 1989 to 1992, the scientific coordination of Franco-Russian mission ANTARES for the experiments of the life sciences.

August 17, 1996, Claudie Haigneré begins a 16 days flight on board orbiting station Russian MIR within the framework of Franco-Russian mission CASSIOPEE and carries out many médico-physiological, technical and biological experiments.

In May 1998, it joined the City of Stars as temporary astronaut for the Franco-Russian mission PERSEUS which begins in February 1999 on board MIR. It follows a complete training of engineer of edge of the station and cosmonaut rescuer of Soyuz vessel.

In November 1999, it is integrated into the space Agency European and joined the body of the European Astronauts in Cologne in Germany.

In January 2001, it again joined the City of Stars for a 9 months drive for mission ANDROMEDE. First French astronaut to fly on board International Space Station (ISS), Claudie Haigneré, engineer of edge n°1, carries out an experimental program in the fields of the observation of the Earth, of the study of the ionosphere, the life sciences as well as sciences of the matter.

In 2002, it is named Minister delegated to Research and New Technologies.

In 2004, it is named Minister delegated to the European Businesses.

Officer of the Legion of Honour, Knight in the National order of merit, Claudie Haigneré is decorated with the Russian Order of the Friendship of the People. 



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